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I am envious. I thought years ago of going to Saudi Arabia to do landscape design, but wimped out. What is it like traveling and working in a foreign country and not knowledgeable of the native tongue? What is it like to be an American in France?

Hi Edward

I am thoroughly enjoying the lifestyle and the freedom that goes with it.

Because I am not locked into a set routine I can spend more time watching the landscaping and gardening industry and comment where I feel it right to do so.

My sole aim is to stimulate debate on subjects that range from gardening to grass care.

BTW I am an Englishman in France :)




Do you have any advice for a young woman, with a horticulture degree and passion for garden design, who is thinking about moving and working in France? I have been looking for job opportunities on the net but it has been challenging to find anything related to horticulture. Congrats on living the dream!

wow! you are living the dream! I am american but lived in london for 4 years. While there I caught the british bug for going south and living abroad, and would now jump at any chance to relocate to france, greece, southern italy, morocco...
Anyway, I just discovered your website...and am eager to go explore. I have a blog myself that maybe you might interested in. I am always looking to make it bigger, better, more useful, and more widely read, so if you have any suggestions or thoughts, I would love to hear them. My best,
Rochelle at Studio 'g'

I've happened upon your site, and your inspiring story! I'm a California-based garden writer, currently blogging about Spanish gardens - great ones and undiscovered gems, too. Please drop by my plot for a visit:
I've also formed a group for kindred spirits, i.e. fellow bloggers who write on garden destinations: it's Garden Travel Worldwide ... at
Thank you Philip, for providing this opportunity to connect.

Hello,my name is Rolando. I came across your site by coincidence and the site name was catchy. I just started my website on gardening and garden structures. I'm looking for a blog that pertains more on the garden structures aspect. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to narrow my search, I would appreciate it. I'm located in Mid Texas and am familiar with Zones 7 through 8 climate. Thank you!

Wonderful to be sharing the dream and the miracle of landscapes!

I'd like to introduce you to a new web site celebrating the wonder of plants: amazing plants, plant-animal relationships, medical botany, plants and global warming, etc. etc. The latest news and research.

Please visit and let me know your thoughts:


hi there philip i was just passing your site and trying to work out how the hell someone who is 53 years of age and never applied for work actually gets work .
i retired 5 years ago after 27 years landscaping which ended up in running my own business for a few years
but due to a health problem which i have now overcome
and the need to generate an income i find it pretty daunting prospect i dont have qualifications but have won awards and still get my yearly invite to design and build a garden at chelsea and tatton RHS shows has any one got any ideas how i can overcome this obstacle

I'm sorry...I didn't reply here but I sent Dave an invite to join our network and he's now been a member for a month.

To the few people / members who may read LJN it is with great regret that such a negative and poorly constructed report on an event that was not attended by the author has to be read at all.

Commenting on behalf of Wyevale East Nurseries it is a great shame that this view is considered and promoted within the industry. There are many people, companies, organisations and charities promoting professional horticulture in the UK. The professional horticultural industry does not need this negative approach.

I would not normally have commented on this website, however I take great umbrage with your comment, ‘’ Grumpy untrained staff who are too busy or more often unwilling to help or pre-occupied talking about their weekend’’. This is a massive generalisation and a terrible cliché at best and is not acceptable.

The staff here at Wyevale East Nurseries were astonished to read such a comment when over ¾ of the staff have studied Horticulture and have made horticulture a career choice and take great pride in their work.

Uneducated hearsay and comments should not be put forward as a balanced point of view as the author did not attend the event.

If the only way to increase customer flow to LJN is to be negative and argumentative it is a sad state of affairs.

on behalf of Richard McKenna, Nursery Director at Wyevale East Nurseries

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