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I can remember holidaying in Scotland about 40 years ago (I can't believe I'm that old!). The South was parched and we had a hosepipe ban, but the Scots were out in the streets happily hosing down their cars. I remember saying to my girlfriend "wouldn't it be sensible if the water companies constructed a grid so that water could be moved from areas of plenty to areas of drought"; forty years on, and where is it??

Why dont the water companies realise that the use of hosepipes actually returns water to the ground. SUDS is about trying to keep water where it lands rather than sending it down the drains to the treatment works, but during a hosepipe ban I am still allowed a 45 minute shower and where is that going? Oh yeah, down the overloaded drains to the treatment works. Surely hosepipe bans contribute to falling water tables and maybe if somebody had realised this years ago we may not be suffering so much drought now. Would fixing all the many leaks in the mains water supply not help also? Is this naive of me? Have I missed the point?

I presume the RHS will get an exemption for the gardens at Chelsea, Hampton Court etc. Surely this sets a precedent for the rest of the industry.

I dont see why RHS should get an exemption if those of us who design and plant for a living dont get one...

I think that this is the time when we need to act, when we are experiencing wet weather, leaks are at a high rate (60% of those reported are not fixed within 7 days) and with the statement by South eastern water that they could happily provide water to 60,000 new homes (they cannot provide water now!!) we need to step up the pressure on the water companies, via the media and MP's.

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